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Laboratory of metallogeny and ore genesis

The laboratory of ore genesis and ecogeology was created in IPGG RAS in 1985. From 1985 to1995 under direction of academician D.V.Rundkvist, the laboratory carried out fundamental scientific research on the influence of geodynamics on metallogenic features in the Precambrian era - from 3.8 to 1.65 Ga.
In 1996 S.I.Turchenko became the head of the laboratory.

Basic research programs, carried out by the laboratory:

1. Geodynamic reasons for the formation of Cu-Ni, Pt-group, Ree-metals and Au mineral deposits in the Precambrian era.

2. Influence of active crust fractures on the health of people.

3. Burial of radioactive waste in Precambrian geological formations.

Laboratory Staff:

Stanislav I. TURCHENKO | Chief of Laboratory | Dr. Sci. (Geol.-Min.)

Vyacheslav A. RUDNIK | Principal Staff Scientist | Dr. Sci. (Geol.-Min.)

Alexandr G. MOCHALOV | Leading Staff Scientist |Dr. Sci. (Geol.-Min.)

Anatoly M. LARIN | Senior Staff Scientist | Dr. Sci. (Geol.-Min.)

Evgeny Yu. RYTSK | Senior Staff Scientist | Cand. Sci. (Geol.-Min.)

Galina P. PLESKACH | Leading Engineer |